Devastating Boehner Speech Clinches Obamnesty Impeachment Case. Now What?
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Boehner lists Obama's admissions of Obamnesty unconstitutionality

Speaker John Boehner’s intoning today on the House floor of 22 examples of President Obama asserting he does not have the Constitutional right to impose Executive Amnesty is generally recognized to have been very effective. The highly professional editors at the Drudge Report headlined their report BOEHNER SLAMS OBAMA IN BRUTAL FLOOR SPEECH... and chose as their account the U.K. Daily Mail’s version 'Enough is enough!': Boehner fills House chamber with high drama as he lashes out against Obama in high-stakes immigration battle – and throws his own words back in his face By David Martosko 14 January 2015

Boehner concluded rather opaquely

''To think that the president of the United States studied constitutional law!' he boomed. 'He didn't just learn constitutional law. He taught it himself.'

'Enough is enough!'

Nice as far as it goes – the list is worth having.

But hopefully vindicating Peter Brimelow’s comments on the political effectiveness of the social media yesterday, an early comment on Boehner’s official site cut through the charade:

Earnest Evanston:

Talk is cheap.


How about impeachment proceedings!!! A president violates the Constitutes he swore to uphold?

Impeach Obama now!!!! agrees: It’s Treason (Again). The Answer Is Impeachment. It Would Work.

With determined and unscrupulous opponents like the Obamacrats, Impeachment is the only answer.

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