Desperate U.S. Worker Needs Our Help
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Let's help Roger Thomas!

I recently received an e-mail from Roger Thomas (e-mail him), an American construction worker who is feeling the impact of foreign labor (much of it illegal) in the Gulf Region where he is trying to earn a living.

The subject line read: "It's about the rule of law and not racism/please help!"

He is trying to get the word out about what he is witnessing nearly every night: busloads of illegals arriving in the area (he has video) Ideally, these pictures should be in the hands of Lou Dobbs or Bill O'Reilly, etc., but whatever we can do to spread this story should be done, including sending copies of his note to law enforcement agencies, newspapers, members of Congress, etc.

Here is Thomas' unedited e-mail:

Mr. Gorak:

I found your email address on the Vdare website and considering the subject matter of your article I thought you might be able to point me in the right direction.

I am a construction worker, pipe welder, working in the Gulf Coast area. We are doing repair work at refineries and chemical companies in the area after damage from Katrina. It is hard finding a place to stay here and on a few occaions I have found myself sleeping in my truck at the local TA truckstop. While doing this I have discovered that this truckstop is a nightly stop for these buses carrying and extremely large amount of immigrant workers, most probably the majority of which are illegals. This happens on almost a nightly basis. It always happens from around midnight up until the early morning hours. These buses pull in about every 15 to 30 minutes. When they get there all of these immigrants pile off of the buses and invade the the truckstop, ju st like they are invading our country. I would bet that at least 10 to 12 buses full of them stop there every night. I figure that must be in the neighborhood of about 500 of them every night. No I don't know that they are illegal but if they are here on work visas as the cashier at the store says they are then something is definitely wrong in our government, that's a given. This infuriates me because I see contractors trying to hire as many of them as they can because they will work cheap. There is one company, Zachary construction that hire mexicans exclusively on one job I worked at, I was with another contractor. They must have had about 150 mexicans.

Anyway back to the buses. I have have no way of knowing if they are indeed illegals or not. I did do some research on the bus companies, Adame, Toranado and El Expresso, the latter of which I found reference to in a court document ( in which it states that the company "specializes" in transport of illegals. [ note: To be exact, the court saidthis:"El Expreso Bus Lines specializes in the transport of passengers from Mexico and other Central and South American countries. There are no Houston border patrol agents at the location where passengers commonly board El Expreso buses; thus there is no safeguard against illegal aliens traveling to other parts of the country from Houston, a city heavily populated with illegal aliens. Furthermore, there are no terminal stops made by El Expreso buses, which is beneficial to the smuggler or illegal alien who knows that the more established bus companies are frequently inspected by law enforcement at their respective stations."]

I don't know what I can do and thought you may be able to help me. I figure that if I am right that this happens at least 5 nights a week and at 500 a pop that about 2500 of them. I know our government is in the pocket of the big corporations and that they love these people because they work cheap. I on the other hand any many millions of Hard working Americans are having our incomes slashed because of them and it needs to stop. So if you give me some info on what I can do I will try and do my part. What I would like to do is get a local news crew out there for a couple of weeks and get film of the nightly invasion and have it put on the news. Never happen though the news people are right there with the politicians. Anyway any info you could give me I g reatly appreciate. Don't get me wrong either I do not hate Mexicans I have worked with them and a lot, not all, of them are decent hard working people, but they need to come here legally like they are required to (supposedly) by Federal law. So like I said any help would be greatly appreciated.

Roger W. Thomas

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