Deport Justin Bieber Now—For His Own Good, And Ours
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Justin Bieber and a bunch of his friends.Esther Yu-Hsi Lee published on January 23, 2014 a article titled "Criminal Charges Could Get Justin Bieber Deported" showing how unfair the immigration justice system is because lots of legal immigrants get deported for minor issues—and Bieber most likely will be allowed to stay in the USA. I agree preferential treatment for celebrities and the wealthy is grossly unfair.

However, I think the right thing to do is to deport Bieber pronto.

I have previously argued for treating elite substance issues more carefully. Bieber is another example. Having prominent young people in the public eye with severe substance issues has important cultural ramifications—and in this case, we might actually be able to do something about it.

I would treat minor possession charges less harshly than today-but driving while intoxicated is a serious issue. It isn't like Bieber needs more money.

I think it is best for him and the American people if he is allowed to quietly make his personal mistakes—and let someone else step into the limelight.

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