Democrats Playing Class Card To Split the White Vote
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(For the purposes of this blog, since the Main Stream Media is openly acting as the mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, I will refer to both the Democratic Party and the MSM as “Democrats”)

Democrat strategy for winning national elections: split and depress the white vote, because whites still comprise most of the electorate [There Are More White Voters Than People Think. That’s Good News for Trump by Nate Cohn, The New York Times, June 9, 2016]. Of course Democrats overwhelmingly win the votes of minorities:  71% of Hispanics, 73% of Asians and over 93% of blacks voted for Obama in 2012. But the critical component of Obama’s victory: even though some 59% of whites voted for Romney, white turnout, which has been declining since 2004, was extremely low at only 64.1%.

To split whites, Democrats notoriously play the “Woman Card.” Less noticed is their “Class Card”—they pit working-class whites against upper-middle-class whites. In 2016, immigration is playing a role: upper-middle-class whites are portrayed as the “good guys;” working-class whites are the “bad guys.”

Needless to say, Democrats actually have as much contempt for upper-middle-class whites  as they do for working-class whites [Check your privilege, upper middle class By Richard Reeves, Washington Post, October 5, 2016]. But they play to the egos of the upper-middle-class whites by flattering them about their educational status and “enlightened” views on immigration, simultaneously disparaging working-class whites as “uneducated”, “ill-informed,”  “low-information” racists and bigots. They purposely ignore the fact that upper-middle-class whites are largely insulated from the negative consequences of immigration policy. Upper-middle-class whites are receptive to this tactic because they want to be viewed as one of “the good guys,” eager to join in on MSM-generated elite snickering.

Once the minority population grows large enough, the Democrats won’t have to employ this trick any longer, There simply will not be enough white voters for Republicans to even compete in national elections.

Republicans need both groups of whites. When the Republicans nominated Romney in 2012, the upper-middle-class whites got their candidate, but the working-class felt left out and largely stayed home in critical swing states—what Steve Sailer dubbed the “Slippery Six.”

Donald Trump is facing the reverse effect: strong support among working-class whites. lagging with upper-middle-class whites who have been gaslighted by the Democrats into abandoning Trump. [Trump May Become The First Republican In 60 Years To Lose White College Graduates, by Harry Enten, FiveThirtyEight, July 6, 2016]

Republicans have done nothing to counter this: in fact, GOP leaders are blatantly colluding with it.

It is incredible that Republicans waste so much effort on fruitless minority outreach while either ignoring or actively subverting any attempt to appeal to white-working class. Republican pundits like Rick Wilson have convinced themselves that they can belittle the backbone of Trump’s support and somehow still create a winning coalition. Of course, the only reason Wilson is regularly featured on The Bill Maher Show and published in The Daily Beast is that he’s doing the Democrats’ work for them.

The GOP must abandon their arrogant rhetoric demonizing working-class white voters, embrace Immigration Patriotism to get them onboard— and stop letting the Democrats fool them into splitting their core voters.

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