Democrats Move To Prevent Trump From Firing Disloyal Federal Employees
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Everything seems to be affected by immigration.  Inflation, housing, medical, education, employment, etc... 

If America is in the mess it is today, it is in part due to the bureaucrats who enforce and sometimes make policy. One big lie we are told is that we are a nation of laws. Really? Tell that to all the sanctuary cities who defy our laws. In truth, we are a nation of men and women.  If men are not willing to stand up and enforce the law, then the laws don't get enforced. If judges are too cowardly to face the mob, then they cave to lawlessness. The law is nothing more than words on a piece of paper. It takes a person (usually a man) to go out and actually implement it. Which brings us to “Personnel is policy.” For some reason, government bureaucrats lean overwhelmingly left. Obama before him and now Biden are trying to hire and keep in place as many far Leftist, Open Borders, America-hating traitors as they possibly can.

They don't want Trump coming and getting rid of them, so Biden’s Office of Personnel Management has produced a new rule to prevent the firing of civil servants

The target is indisputably Mr. Trump, who issued an executive order late in his administration that could have allowed thousands of career civil service positions to be reclassified, making it easier to fire workers.

Mr. Trump said removing “poorly performing employees” who fell under civil service protections had become too difficult, so reclassifying them was a way to get better results from the bureaucracy.

Known as Schedule F, the order was aimed at positions that create policy. Trump officials said those jobs ought to be responsive to the president.

Biden moves to block Trump, future presidents from firing bureaucrats, by Stephen Dinan, Washington Times, April 4, 2024 


A lot of those civil servants have made themselves very worthy of being fired. I hope Trump learned the lesson about personnel; I'm not convinced he has. 



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