Democrats Choose American Renaissance-Hating Charlotte NC For 2012 Convention
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In further Charlotte Convention news, the Democratic Party has chosen Charlotte for its nominating convention. The Democratic Party, party of Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton is actually more "Racist" than American Renaissance or—none of us are imposing quotas on anyone, for one thing.
Mark Murray writes:From NBC's Mark Murray and Domenico Montanaro The Democratic National Committee today announced the selection of Charlotte, NC, as the site of the party's 2012 convention, a clear sign that Democrats will once again target the Tar Heel State in the upcoming presidential contest.

It will be the first presidential-nominating convention to ever take place in North Carolina.

Barack Obama narrowly won the state in 2008, 50%-49% (or 2,142,651 votes to John McCain's 2,128,474) — the first time a Democrat carried the state in a presidential contest since 1976.

By selecting Charlotte — which beat out St. Louis, MO; Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN; and Cleveland, OH — Obama and his political advisers will try to repeat their success in 2008, when they used the convention as an organizing tool to win the state in the general election. (In 2008, Denver hosted the Democratic convention, and Obama went on win Colorado, 54%-45%, the first time a Dem presidential nominee had carried it since 1992.)First Read - Dems choose Charlotte for 2012 convention

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