Democracy Vs Demonstrators
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The LA Times seems to have missed the disruption that took place in Costa Mesa recently, when Hispanic pro-illegal demonstrators disrupted a meeting of the city council.

Other stories report something of the anarchy that was taking place in the city council, but the focus seems to be on the fact that one of the demonstrators was arrested, as if that's the problem.

COSTA MESA – A City Council meeting broke into chaos Tuesday night as police forcefully arrested immigration-rights activist Coyotl Tezcalipoca after he refused to leave the chambers. He was charged with disrupting an assembly and obstructing an arresting officer, police said.

Tezcalipoca and about 100 people were there to protest Costa Mesa's effort to give certain police officials the power to enforce immigration law, a job usually left to federal authorities.

Arrest disrupts Costa Mesa council meeting By Brian Martinez , The Orange County Register, January 4, 2006

Coyotl Tezcalipoca aka Benito Acosta [send him mail]was the leader of a group of about a hundred pro-illegal alien demonstrators who refused to stop talking and refused to leave the meeting. He had all his supporters stand up, and when police tried to arrest him, and escort him out of the chamber, he resisted violently. As five police tried to remove him, his gang of supporters surrounded them and protested them doing so.

That's why it seems odd to for Brian Martinez [send him mail] to write "Arrest disrupts Costa Mesa council meeting": you might as well say "Arrest Disrupts Armed Robbery." In any case, what they were protesting against was the decision by the Costa Mesa Council to have Costa Mesa's police officers trained to help enforce the immigration law, specifically against criminal aliens.

A look at the Orange County DA's roster of cases gives you an idea of the Hispanic crime problem locally, and the voters in Costa Mesa have decided to do something about that.

I hope they won't let a few protesters scare them off. Here's a reminder for politicians: illegal aliens don't vote.

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