Declining Computer Science Enrollment and H-1b
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College Students Reporting  Interest in Computer Science as a Major

This graphic appeared in an article about declining enrollment amount women in Computer Science. The issue is ultimately jobs.

"She lamented the recent decision of one of her outstanding computer science students who chose to major in nursing because of what the student perceived as better prospects for finding employment."[What Has Driven Women Out of Computer Science? By Randall Stross, New York Times, November 16, 2008 ]
When you look at the graphic on the left, keep in mind, 1998 was the year of the big expansion of H-1b visas,  fueled  by corporate campaign donations.

I think the reason we've seen a steeper decline in enrollment of women, is women often have a wider variety of skills-and thus employment options than men who major in Computer science. Women are more likely, for example, to have the high level of verbal SAT scores one might expect from people going into Law School or some business school programs. When opportunities in Computer Science collapse, it makes sense for those who have other options to take them.

Frankly, folks like Phil Gramm were complete idiots claiming that each H-1b worker would create many jobs. How much longer must this insane experiment continue?

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