Decapitation in Chandler, AZ. One Illegal Alien Arrested, Three Men on the Run
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A grisly murder happened over the weekend in Chandler, Arizona. A man was stabbed to death and then decapitated. His severed head was found several feet from his bloody corpse.

Four men were involved but so far Crisantos Moroyoqui, 36, is the only one of them that has been apprehended and arrested.  Moroyogui was identified by the Arizona Republic newspaper as an undocumented immigrant. He wasn't too difficult to find after the killing took place because he left bloody shoe prints that led to his apartment nearby. The police caught him while he was sleeping inside. His bloody tennis shoes were outside the door when the police arrived.

Many questions surround the incident but so far Moroyoqui has been uncooperative in giving answers. It was reported that before the killing Moroyogui was drinking beers on Sunday afternoon outside of the apartment with five buddies who were all day laborers.

Local TV news reports weren't very illuminating about the details of the murder case and they were all very similar in content. Read written news and their video reports here: CBS 5, IND 3TV, Fox 10, NBC 12, and ABC 15.

The lack of information being reported is not surprising considering the fact that Chandler is a sanctuary city and that the local press are members of the Treason Lobby. There is a paucity of information about these men such as prior criminal records or even what their immigration status is. They haven't released the name of the victim either. It's not that the police don't know because they reported the names of the suspects and even have pictures of them. I will stay with this case even if I have to get in front of the Chandler City Council [I did before] to demand answers! I live about 5 miles from the site of the crime and as a citizen I feel the right to get some answers.

The Chandler police published a public notice that asks for information about these men. Vdare readers may be some of the few that are alert enough to figure out what the report doesn't say, but just in case I'll tell you after the report.

Police Need Help In Identifying Homicide Suspects In Weekend Murder October 11, 2010

On October 10, 2010 around 5:30AM Chandler Police were called to the 300 block of West Fairview where officers found a man who had been stabbed and decapitated inside an apartment.

Police are asking the public’s help in identifying and locating the following suspects: Suspect A: Juan Campos Morales Aguilar AKA: ISAI H/M 5’10” 220lbs with short dark hair and a thin moustache Last seen wearing a black shirt with a white T -shirt and blue jeans

Suspect B: Jose David Castro Reyes 25 years of age H/M 5’10’ 180lbs with short hair and clean shaven Last seen wearing blue jeans, white shirt and a white T-shirt

Suspect C: Known only as ”EL JOTO” H/M 5’2”-5’4” thin build with short spiked black hair and a goatee Last seen wearing white T-shirt with a black pattern shirt and Levis

Suspects are believed to be traveling in a 2003 Red Ford Expedition bearing California plates# 6FWR784.

The Chandler Police Department is encouraging anyone with information about this case to call 911. Suspects are considered armed and dangerous Please do not attempt to contact suspects.

So, did you notice what the police didn't say? Probably the most important thing of all of course: THEIR RACE! Most people could probably figure it out by their pictures or perhaps their names but why didn't the police state the obvious facts that are essential to identify these thugs before they get to Mexico? Perhaps the Chandler police shied away because the suspected killers are all dark skinned Latinos. That wasn't so hard to say, now was it?

Oh, one more thing. Remember how the entire world was making fun of Governor Jan Brewer when she said there were beheadings in Arizona?

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