David Frum Says The Immigration Issue Has "Almost Disappeared"—We Say It's Been Disappeared, By Republicans Like David Frum
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David Frum wrote recently that

"Whatever happened to immigration?

Republican House leader John Boehner says we are living through a political ”rebellion” on the Right. Yet the issue that most excited conservatives just 18 months ago has almost disappeared.

Immigration went unmentioned in the governor’s races in Virginia and New Jersey. Doug Hoffman’s Palin-backed candidacy tiptoed around the subject–even at one point appearing to endorse guest-worker programs.

California is immigration ground zero. In the special election Tuesday in California’s 10th Congressional District, the Democrat, John Garamendi, endorsed a McCain-Kennedy style amnesty. The Republican, Doug Harmer, laid low. "[Immigration: A hot-button issue on ice, By David Frum, The Week, November 4, 2009]

Well, immigration hasn't disappeared—for one thing, it affects all the other issues, (see list) for another thing, Obama and La Raza still want amnesty, and Republican voters don't want it.

This would be a great opportunity for Republicans, if they weren't afraid that anything they say against amnesty will be criticized both from the left and from the Righteous Right—which includes David Frum—as "racist."

So the issue hasn't disappeared, it's been disappeared—like Lou Dobbs. I note, by the way that David Frum's website used to be called NewMajority.com, it's now called FrumForum. That it more credible—David Frum's version of conservatism is not going to build a new majority.

Lawrence Auster asked

"How reliable can a book on political strategy be that is called "Conservatism That Can Win Again," when its author endorsed and joined the campaign of a candidate who ended up winning one delegate? "

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