David Brock's BLINDED BY THE RIGHT Said Kavanaugh Called Hillary A Bitch, But Brock's Earlier Hillary Book Said EVERYONE Called Her That
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Robert Costa tweets

Judge Brett Kavanaugh is at or near top of SCOTUS list, per several people close to President Trump. But oppo research for possible hearings already moving fast. Sources pt'ing to David Brock's book "Blinded by the Right." Kav alleged to have mouthed an expletive re HRC. Pg. 306.

More here. I got that from a Twitchy post headed  So he’s HONEST? Law and Crime’s thread about Kavanaugh allegedly calling Hillary the ‘b-word’ is HILARIOUS

It's from David Brock's anti-GOP smear job Blinded By The Right:

seductionIn 1997 Brock was a Republican investigative journalist (and closeted gay) whose job was investigating the high crimes and misdemeanors of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Seduction referred to above is The Seduction Of Hillary Rodham, which was supposed to an anti-Clinton book, but Brock apparently fell in love with his subject.

In any event, The Seduction Of Hillary Rodham makes clear that if Kavanaugh did mouth the word bitch at Hillary on the screen (based on the lipreading abilities of a known liar) he was part of a mainstream, bipartisan, national consensus:

Recently, however, a cultural consensus has produced a composite portrait—not to say caricature—that is uniformly negative. Toward the end of the first Clinton term, even Hillary's allies had turned on her, and she has been left with few, if any, defenders. Two New York Times columnists on opposite ends of the ideological spectrum, William Safire and Maureen Dowd, seem to agree on one thing: Hillary's deeply flawed character. Safire famously called her a "congenital liar," and Dowd described her as "Mommie Dearest." Others have compared Hillary to Leona Helmsley, Ma Barker, Eva Braun, and Minister Louis Farrakhan. Newt Gingrich's mother revealed on national television that her son had referred to Hillary as a "bitch." U.S. News quoted a Clinton aide referring to Hillary as a "dragon lady" and "the house SOB." And Sally Quinn, the reigning doyenne of Georgetown society, was quoted in the New Yorker saying, "There's just something about her that pisses people off." [Seduction, page vi]

In 1994, Brock himself wrote an article on the Travelgate coverup--a forgotten scandal which involved Hillary firing a lot of people--which was illustrated with a picture of Hillary wearing a witches hat on an actual broomstick.

So if Kavanaugh hadn't though Hillary was a bitch, he would have been going against a consensus that included Democrats, Republicans, the New York Times, and I believe, every President of the United States since 1992, specifically including her husband, William Jefferson Clinton.

For more on David Brock, founder of Media Matters,  see VDARE.com Applauds Exposé Of Media Matters, Notes Its Smears Of Us,  and the late Sam Francis's David Brock, Phony 'Media Watchdog,' Demands I Be Muzzled.

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