Dave Gorak Asks if Richardson/Napolitano Haven't Already Let the Horse Out of the Barn?
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Governors Richardson and Napolitano's position papers describing their new "get tough" stance against illegal immigration are OK as far as they go, but shouldn't we be getting a little more from these two, e.g., an apology for mocking their oath of office and our sovereignty? More importantly, how about saying they're sorry to residents of their respective states for the financial havoc they have created for those taxpayers? But Arizona and New Mexico residents aren't the only ones who have paid the price for the actions of their immigrant-pandering governors. Both states, particularly Arizona, have acted as pipelines through which thousands of illegals have passed on their way to other parts of the country, including the Midwest. Perhaps the most upsetting aspect of their behavior is that while they were dancing to Vicente Fox's music young Americans were (and still are) dying overseas nearly every day for the "American values" both governors say they stand for. No, let's save the applause for politicians like Tom Tancredo who have put their money where their mouths are even at the risk of their own careers. And, oh, in case you just tuned in, Richardson on Aug. 21 told ABC's "This Week" that extending the fence along our southern border would be "anti-immigrant." A fence, he says,

" . . . sends a message that America is a nation that is not valuing immigrants."

In other words, Richardson wants tighter borders, but let's not get carried away, OK?

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