Dan Rather On H-1B
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In June of this year Dan Rather did a biting TV documentary on the American job situation called: "No Thanks for Everything". It may be the best TV report on H-1B that has ever been done—although there is little to compare it to since almost all media praises any type of immigration visa.

Tonight the show will be televised again on the HD.net channel. Find out more details on their website:

An encore presentation of "No Thanks for Everything." Americans from coast to coast talk about how big corporations have abandoned them in favor of lower cost guest workers from other countries.

Dan Rather Reports airs Tuesdays at 8pm ET.

Unfortunately HD.net is only available through a limited number of television venues such as DirectTV. To find out if you can receive it in your area go to this page and enter your zip code to find out if you can receive it:http://www.hd.net

See a clip here.

Dan Rather wrote a Huffington Post blog about the show. Here are a few excerpts:

.... recent research shows the number of STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math] students graduating each year from U.S. universities far exceeds the number of new jobs.

Dan Rather Reports took a close look at the trickle-down effects in this week's program, "No Thanks for Everything." It was four personal stories from four tech workers, in their own words. (click here for more from the show). Even after years watching U.S. companies moving more and more "jobs of the future" overseas, these workers never imagined that they might be displaced by foreign workers in their own hometowns.

Now in the name of American competitiveness, the President's Jobs Council is not only calling for high-tech job training, but also for visa reforms—reforms that would not close loophole or staunch misuse, but increase the flow of foreign arrivals.

The federal government doesn't have any official counts of the guest worker population. Estimates put the current number of H-1B visa holders alone somewhere between 600,000 and 1,000,000. In recent years, U.S. corporations have been using an ever-proliferating array of temporary visas to import foreign labor —including visitor visas, which as we reported in a recent Dan Rather Reports, are not supposed to be used for any purpose involving gainful employment.

Looking for Jobs in All the Wrong Places, by Dan Rather, 06/17/11


Be sure to check out the H-2B application map that was compiled by the Dan Rather team:


This is from the page that explains what the map contains:

We wanted to know what kinds of businesses are applying for foreign guest workers. What kind of jobs are they unable to fill with domestic workers? What do these jobs pay?

To find out, Dan Rather Reports compiled H-2B application data obtained from two of these agencies: the Foreign Labor Certification Data Center in the Dept. of Labor (FY2000-2009) and U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Dept. of Homeland Security (FY 2006- June 2010).

The entire show used to be on youtube but it was removed for copyright violations. I would appreciate it if somebody could record a DVD quality copy of this show. I will try to make select portions available for people to watch.

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