Daily Kos: "Racism Has a New Name: HBD"
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Over at Daily Kos, somebody calling himself Erasmussimo (not a bad nom de blog, by the way) has posted a long takedown of the study of Human Biodiversity: "Racism Has a New Name: HBD."

Surprisingly, it's not at all that bad. 

Poor Erasmussimo must feel himself teetering on the edge of the rabbit hole because he includes praise for realists all the way from Edward O. Wilson and Steven Pinker to HBD Chick. Fortunately, his hatred for that awful "Steve Sailor" * guy helps him keep his feet thoroughly on the ground of respectability.

If anybody from Daily Kos has furtively ducked over here to find out what all the crimethinking is about:

Here's a 13 minute video interview with me on "What is HBD?"

And here are my Frequently Asked Questions lists on Race and IQ.


* The reason I came up with "iSteve" back in the 1990s is because so many people get wrong the spelling of either my first name ("Steven," not "Stephen" as in Stephen Jay Gould — why did his Marxist dad name him after the most notorious robber baron of the 19th Century, anyway?) or last name ("Sailer," not "Sailor" or "Saylor" or "Sayler" or "Seiler" or whatever). It was more reasonable for me to change to something easy to remember how to spell when searching on Alta Vista or Yahoo than for me to expect everybody else to remember how to spell my name.

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