DAILY CALLER Misses The Point Again On “Brawl” Videos
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The Daily Caller's David Hookstead has done it again. He just can't bring himself to state the obvious. In mid-March, he posted a video of rampaging blacks at a Popeye's and wondered "What the hell is wrong with people?" As I wrote at the time, he missed the obvious in the video entirely.

It isn't just "people" we see in these viral brawl videos. Most of the time, as I observed with another video, it's black "people."

Click picture for YouTube video.

Today he posted another brawl video with this amusing headline: 

Massive Dude Gets Absolutely Destroyed In A Fight In Wild Viral Video.

"Massive dude?"

"While I’m not a fan of fights," Hookstead wrote, "I’d be lying if I said this one-sided destruction wasn’t impressive. Next time, be careful who you talk trash to!"


Newsflash for Hookstead: The "massive dude" probably isn't reading The Daily Caller for advice.

One wonders whether Hookstead will ever figure out "what the hell is wrong with people."

For the record, here are videos of rampaging blacks at Walmart:

Click picture for YouTube video.

</p Click picture for YouTube video.

And for good measure, another Popeye's brawl:


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