DA John Morganelli Goes After Illegal Employers
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I got this emailed press release forwarded to me:

Today I announced the first of its kind criminal charges. I have charged the Right Way Construction Company of Palmer Township, Pennsylvania with state criminal charges of Obstruction of Justice , Hindering Apprehension and Conspiracy for hiring, aiding , and abetting and harboring illegal aliens. This will be a test case in some respects, as to the authority of state prosecutors to charge state criminal offenses for violations of federal law. I believe that I am on solid legal ground. I will seek the maximum fine against this company under Pa. law.

When the federal government refuses to act, state prosecutors must do so to protect their communities from foreign criminals. I will continue to see to it that Northampton County, Pennsylvania does not become a safe haven for foreign criminals.

DA John Morganelli

Morganelli has been fighting illegal aliens in his county for years; James Edwards wrote about him here in 2003. A story about the charges says why he's fighting illegals; they commit crimes, and his job is fighting crime.

Over the past five years, Morganelli has made the crackdown on illegal immigrants in the area one of the hallmarks of his office.

He cited several examples of those arrested in recent years in Northampton County who were busted for crimes such as sexual assaults, child molestation, aggravated assault and drunken driving. [Business charged over illegals, October 04, 206 By RUSS FLANAGAN The Express-Times ]

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