King Dings Amnesty
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It's déjà vu all over again… again.

Or are we expected to forget about the 1986 amnesty for illegal aliens? (Yes, we are; and no—me neither...)

Read any MSM report on President Bush's amnesty that is not an amnesty.

Read about the coming amnesty plan from two of the "borders are bad for business - not to mention votes" senators, Comrade Kennedy and "I wanna be President, Americans are lazy" McCain.

See any mention of the amnesty to end all amnesties?

Me neither.

See any report the premise that after the '86 amnesty we would put some "teeth"  in our enforcement laws regulating the employment of the next batch of illegals?

Do you see any "teeth" in enforcement in 2005?

Me neither.

See any mention of Americans?

Me neither.

While anyone with the courage to say so out loud recognizes that the number of illegal aliens in what remains of our one nation under God is in excess of 20 million, the MSM is happy to parrot the government supplied and ridiculous figure of11 million, recently conveniently reinforced by the Pew Hispanic Center.

It is easier to sell amnesty for 11 than for 20. And when the sales pitch gets going this summer, don't be surprised if the number of illegals used doesn't come down to 8 million again.

Betcha McCain is sorry that he ever said that 10,000 illegals a day were crossing our borders in the relatively slow year of 2002.

Kind of like telling a prospective buyer that your car leaks a quart of oil a week, then saying that a month later that it is only a quart low. 

For those who would make the dissolution of the United States of America a "complicated issue"…for those who profit from breaking the law and then howl that the system is "broken" …I have this to say:

Be nervous.

The American people are awakening, and your time in power is short.

No amnesty for you either.

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