Cyclist Robbed While Lying Unconscious—In West Oakland. CBS Shocked - Not Neighbors
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When I saw this on Drudge:

Cyclist Hit By Truck...

Robbed While Lying Unconscious...

I made a guess about what kind of neighborhood it happened in, and what color the thieves were. I'm pretty sure I was right. The neighborhood is West Oakland, birthplace of the Black Panthers.

Here are some quotes from the news story:

Thieves stole a wallet from an unconscious cyclist in West Oakland minutes after he was hit by a truck, police said Tuesday.

The cyclist was driving on the wrong side of the road, police said, before colliding with the pickup, which was traveling west on 8th Street, around noon, police said.

Not a single person who spoke to KPIX wanted to use their name or risk showing their face on camera. “I don’t really want to be on record,” one explained, which may not be so surprising considering what happened next.

Minutes after the crash, police said thieves approached the driver of the truck and demanded his wallet.  The suspects also stole the cyclist’s wallet while he lay unconscious in the street.

“It was the sickest thing ever in life, and God bless their souls,” said a witness. “They are definitely gonna burn in hell.”

Another witness told KPIX he wasn’t surprised by the crime, adding that thieves wait for accidents and then pounce on the victims.

“[It happens] all the time. It doesn’t matter what happens on the street, it’s gonna happen,” he said.

In most neighborhoods, stealing from an accident victim would be considered unthinkable, but in this part of town, residents tell KPIX it’s just the way it is.

“It’s West Oakland,” said a resident. “It’s just the way they are and that’s the world we live in.”

Cyclist Hit By Truck, Then Robbed While Lying Unconscious On West Oakland Street, January 13, 2015 [Emphases added]

So you see, the residents of West Oakland are aware that they live in a black ghetto, and that their neighbors are dangerous. CBS, on the other hand, isn't saying that.

The driver, who was conscious while being robbed, will have seen what color the robbers were, and told the police. I'm sure the police told CBS. But CBS doesn't want to tell  you.

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