Current Social Contract Features Moratorium Issue
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The current issue of The Social Contract contains a special feature on the need for a moratorium on legal immigration. Contributors include a number of regular VDARE.COM writers: Ed Rubenstein, Don Collins, Pat Buchanan, Rob Sanchez, and Bay Buchanan.

Rob Sanchez reviews the wide array of visa programs, a virtual alphabet soup of loopholes, which undermine the country’s ability to cap immigration levels and protect U.S. workers from being displaced in the workforce from wage-busting immigrant laborers.

Considering America's economic recession and recent unemployment levels, one wonders why our nation’s political elites (Congress, the Conservative Establishment, and the organized Beltway opposition to unlimited immigration levels) have remained largely silent on such an historic opportunity to raise the moratorium question.

Do we really need to import more laborers with millions of Americans out of work and looking for jobs in such a tight job market?

Read the current issue of The Social Contract for a comprehensive treatment of the subject.

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