Curiosity Has Landed
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Monday morning, 1:40am EST.  Sat up to watch NASA TV coverage of the Curiosity rover landing on Mars.  Marvelous!  The JPL flight control room went nuts.  Congratulations, everyone!

And the greatest thing about this tremendous engineering achievement is, of course, that it will improve relations with the Muslim world.  What could be more important than that?

Sky Crane note: The staff of the JPL includes more girls than were seen in the Houston Space Center in the Sixties:

Geeks Include Girls

Houston, We Don't Have A Problem

But is otherwise demographically much the same.

But Otherwise Roughly The Same Color


A Gyno-American reader responds:

I don't see any girls in these photos at JPL.  I don't see any boys either.

[Derb] Boys? Well, there's this one.

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