CSM-Deploying The Guard Isn't Enough
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The Christian Science Monitor recently published this letter I wrote their editors:

Regarding the May 17 article, "Guard's impact at border": Using the National Guard to seal the border will never be enough as long as there is incentive for employers to dangle a green card in front of illegal aliens rather than pay them cash. The existing and proposed fines on employers are simply too low and too laxly enforced. If the IRS and Social Security administration would crack down on fraudulent use of Social Security numbers and tax deduction of wages to illegal aliens, another big gap in the border would be closed. Randall Burns Washougal, Wash.

I think the CSM is an especially important publication, because it has a strong reputation for neutral journalism—and has been a leader among Mainstream Media in reporting on immigration issues. I've written dozens of letters to them-but this is the first one they've published(although I've gotten several responses from their reporters).

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