`Cross The Border, Have An `Anchor Baby,` Get Free Food.` ...
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Mickey Kaus points to this terrible LA Times story about the Department of Agriculture and various Latino activists trying to get immigrants to take food stamps. [Food-Stamp Program Finally Speaks Their Language , By Jennifer Delson, October 13, 2006 ]Like Mickey, I'd like to know if (a) the Department of Agriculture thinks it's a good idea to encourage people who may be self-sufficient enough not to need free food to get in the habit of begging, and (b) when are Republicans going say something about the food stamp issue, which, in the spirit of government giveaways, has been handed to them on a plate?

If low-income Americans are too committed to self-sufficiency to sign up for food stamps, as many are, that's a pride to be valued and respected, no? ...It's doubly problematic to affirmatively recruit new welfare recipients when many of the beneficiaries will be recent immigrants, including illegal immigrants (whose American-born children are eligible for food stamps, according to the LAT). You don't have to be a Minuteman to worry about the incentive structure this creates: 'Cross the border, have an 'anchor baby,' get free food.' ..."Food Stamps in Four Hours" By Mickey Kaus - Slate Magazine


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