Credibility and H-1B
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Lou Dobbs said in a recent broadcast:
We don't really think that that looks so good for you people in Washington, to be slobbering over billionaires who are asking for an unlimited number of H1-B visas no matter what the cost is to American workers. And Bill Gates, specifically for you, we have reserved a chair here at any time for you to come in and explain how you could testify as you did before Capitol Hill when only three percent, three percent of your 900 H1-B visa workers at Microsoft are considered level four and keep giving us those speeches on the best and the brightest, Mr. Gates, because you're just doing it, just doing it beautifully. Except for one thing — you look like a complete and utter fool and we really don't understand why a man so smart as you would choose to look like a fool, especially in the nation's Capitol.
I don't think that Gates—or for that matter Greenspan—look like fools. They remind me more like a crook who "can't remember" anything when placed on the stand. In this case, we have men who are quite bright except when it comes to issues that might affect their personal bottom line or position in society.

That strategy may work quite well for keeping out of jail—or keeping power or financial privileges.

The problem is that that kind of self-serving behavior just doesn't have a place at the top of the economic food chain—and if it is done, it must be done in ways that don't draw any attention. Any criminal who is successful enough will face a time when they simply have to "go legit", because you can't effectively organize an entire society around criminality.

In this case, Greenspan and Gates are having trouble adjusting to the fact that they have clawed their way to the top and history will evaluate them not by whether they can accumulate a bit more money or power—but what they really do with what they have gotten.

In the case of H-1b expansion, we had a mass failure of the political, academic and financial system. I think the elites who depend on these systems will have a horrible price to pay as this Ponzi scheme reaches its inevitable conclusion.

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