Crazy Black Conspiracy Theory...That Just Might Be Sort Of True
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African Americans sure make up a lot of conspiracy theories. For example,

The Plan (Washington, D.C.) [Wikipedia]

In Washington, D.C., The Plan is a conspiracy theory regarding control of the city. Theorists insist that whites (Caucasians) have had a plan to "take back" the city since the beginning of home rule in the 1970s, when the city started electing blacks (African-Americans) to local offices.[1][2] The "age-old" theory has quiet, but considerable support.[3]

Apparently, there's this crazy theory among blacks in Washington that important people would pay a lot of money to live near the Capitol, White House, Supreme Court, and federal office buildings, except that they worry about muggings and "polar bear hunting" episodes. So, white people get together and talk about ways to get blacks to move out of D.C., like giving them Section 8 vouchers or getting an Asian lady to fire black teachers. When the blacks move out, property values theoretically go up.

Isn't that just insane?

Next those paranoid nutjobs might even say that eight white Senators have been meeting in secret to come up with a complicated plan to reward and encourage Hispanic illegal immigrants who are pushing blacks out of D.C. by taking the service jobs, when everybody knows that Senators Rubio and Menendez aren't white, they're Conquistador-Americans.

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