Craptocracy On Campaign 2008 And Dana Milbank
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January 04, 2008, 01:08 AM
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Since I refuse to read about Campaign 2008 except on C. Van Carter`s Craptocracy blog, and he can go weeks without posting anything, I was kind of under the impression that they`d called this whole voting thing off due to lack of interest. But now, there are a bunch of new craptastic postings, so it appears that there will be an election this year after all. (Although Dennis Dale`s future history series on Untethered recounting the Fall of 2008 raises questions about that assumption.)

Here`s Craptocracy on Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank:

Dana Milbank is a neurotic paranoid. We know this because he wrote a bizarre essay about the genial Tom Tancredo, in which he repeatedly describes the principled and soft-spoken former presidential candidate as “angry”, without providing a single real example of Tancredo's supposed rage...

Milbank obviously believes any opposition to illegal aliens indicates a man is angry. I don’t think Milbank cares about actual illegal aliens, because people in his position never do (if he’s ever had a conversation with one except to complain the bathroom wasn’t cleaned properly I’ll eat a sombrero). No, Milbank’s real concern isn’t illegal aliens at all, it’s preventing Nazi’s from taking little Dana Milbank and putting him in a concentration camp. In the diseased mind of Dana Milbank the only way to prevent a Fourth Reich from erupting on American soil is to flood the United States with non-whites. Because Milbank is gripped by this strange fantasy it causes him to lash out at a gentleman like Tom Tancredo. I hope the mentally unbalanced Milbank gets help. Until he does the Washington Post should refrain from publishing his ravings.