Coulter's Law of Shootings (New York Times Photographic Version)
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Coulter’s Law was coined by Ann Coulter in 2015 while waiting around for more information on the identity of the two people who shot up a government office in San Bernardino:

The longer we go without being told the race of the shooters, the less likely it is to be white men. #sorryNYT.

The shooters turned out to be husband and wife Muslim immigrant crazies from Pakistan.

There was a big development in the Dadeville, AL mass shooting that left 4 dead and 28 injured, but the didn’t have any room for it on its website’s capacious front page, what with all the crucial articles about about white men shooting one youth in each of two other places.

Sure, Dadeville was a mass shooting, but it was the wrong kind of mass shooting.

Dadeville finally showed up as the 20th story in the NYT’s U.S. News subsection.

The article features no photos of the victims or arrestees or mentions of the race of anybody involved. The only potential hints are conveyed by a moody photograph of four middle-aged white men standing around.

So it's time for a photographic addendum to Coulter’s Law: The more utterly pointless the photo illustrating a New York Times article about a crime, the less likely the criminal was to have been a MAGA-hat wearing straight white man.

In contrast, from the Daily Mail this evening:

Also, if the article doesn’t mention the race of the shooter but takes pains to point out he was driving a white vehicle, then the shooter wasn’t white.

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