Could Swiss vote herald wider mutiny?
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Much MSM harrumphing has broken out about the Swiss anti-Minaret vote - such as this limp-wristed comment from The Wall Street Journal. In America, the spectacle of the Peasants defending their culture is still more frightening than the Muslim onslaught. A more astute comment has appeared on the U.K. Daily Telegraph website Swiss voters lied to pollsters, banned minarets: soon the international peasants' revolt could engulf immigration, climate change - and even Dave by Gerald Warner November 29th, 2009

Switzerland has voted overwhelmingly to ban triumphalist minarets on Muslim mosques. On a respectable turnout of 55 per cent, there was a landslide victory for banning minarets: nearly 58 per cent for a ban. This went completely contrary to pre-referendum opinion polls which had shown a 10 per cent lead for the pro-minaret camp; instead, the margin was 16 per cent in favour of a ban. People lied to opinion pollsters. Are they doing the same in Britain?

"Dave" is the UK Conservatives' utterly PC and completely useless leader David Cameron. Warner suggests

People lied to opinion pollsters. Are they doing the same in Britain? Are they saying they will back Dave when they have rather more robust intentions in mind?

He means of course voting for Nick Griffin's BNP. He concludes:

It is no coincidence that the people most loudly bemoaning the ban on minarets in Switzerland are those who most vociferously applauded the prohibition on crucifixes in Italian classrooms. The consistent principle is an attack on European Christian civilisation, complemented by subservience to all the enemies of that civilisation, secular or Islamic. The Swiss voters have not forbidden the practice of the Muslim religion: they have simply insisted that it should not indulge in triumphalism by towering over Christian churches. If they had really wanted to play hardball they would have insisted that the first mosque in Switzerland could only be built the day after the first Christian cathedral opened for worship in Riyadh

When will we see similar essays in the US MSM?

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