Costa Ricans To Marijuana-Toting NFL Player—“We Want To Prevent The Entrance Of Undesirable Individuals To The Country”
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Sports Illustrated reported that an NFL player was barred from the Spanish-speaking, Central American nation of Costa Rica, for carrying marijuana into the country:
Patriots safety Duron Harmon was arrested at Juan Santamaria International Airport in Costa Rica for possession of Marijuana, according to Costa Rican news website La Nación. Harmon, 27, was allegedly in possession of 58 grams [2 ounces] of marijuana and was briefly detained before being sent back to the United States.

Report: Patriots' Duron Harmon Arrested For Trying to Bring Marijuana Into Costa Rica

By Daniel Rapaport, Sports Illustrated, March 24, 2018

Sports Illustrated’s source was Costa Rica’s La Nación , which supplies more information. It says that the marijuana was in Harmon’s suitcase, inside a soft drink can (photo here)

The La Nación article quotes Irving Malespin,  “director de la Policía de Control Fiscal”(Revenue, including Customs) who reports that the player’s marijuana was discovered in a routine search. Director Malespin said

This was the case of a professional NFL player who tried to introduce marijuana into our country. Later he was returned to U.S. territory.

Jugador de la NFL expulsado de Costa Rica al intentar ingresar marihuana en una maleta [“NFL Player Expelled From Costa Rica When Trying To Enter With Marijuana In A Suitcase”] by Carlos Lascarez S., La Nación, March 24, 2018

The justification for forbidding his entrance to the country? Here’s how Director Malespin put it:
We want to prevent the entrance of undesirable individuals to the country.
It sounds like Costa Rica’s government believes it can decide who enters or doesn’t enter its territory.

Doesn’t every country have that right?


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