Correctional Officers Indicted In Black Guerilla Family Case: Names Include Milshenna, Raylanair, Katera, Tyesha, And Tanierdra
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For some reason, PC says that now we have female correctional officers guarding male prisoners, and that has led to some interesting consquences: see Steve Sailer's post The Pregnant Baltimore Jail Guards And The Black Guerilla Family. and Tavon White Of Black Guerilla Family Prison Gang "Fathered Five Children With Four Of The Corrections Officers".

The US Attorney' Office gives a list of the names of the indicted, male and female, convict and correctional officer, and their first names include Teshawn, Ricolle, Javonne, Milshenna, Raylanair, Linnard, Jamar, Derius, Ebonee, Chania, Tavon, Jermaine, Jasmin, Taryn, Adrena, Katera, Tyesha, and Tanierdra.[19 New Defendants, Including 14 Correctional Officers, Indicted For Federal Racketeering In Baltimore City Jail Investigation,November 21 , 2013]

The MSM assiduously works to cover up the racial factor in crime. Black criminals need to cooperate with that by not calling their gangs things like "Black Guerilla Family" and not calling themselves Raylanair, Linnard, Jamar and Derius.

Linnard, by the way, is sort of a real name, from Wales. It makes this list because because accused drug dealer Linnard Wortham was presumably named after Linnard Street in Baltimore, in the Edgewood neighborhood.

If you type Linnard St. into Google, the first thing it suggests in "Linnard St. Shooting."

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