Coren and Spencer: Immigrant Pundit Vandalizes Anti-Jihad Sign
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It’s Thursday, so that means it’s time for the weekly update on hostile Islam from Canada’s SunTV, with host Michael Coren interviewing blogger Robert Spencer.

The topic is the recent defacement of an anti-jihad sign in a New York Subway by CNN commenter Mona Eltahawy because she thought it was hateful to call jihadists “savages.”

Which is odd, because when Mona reported the glorious Arab Spring last year from Tahrir Square, she was assaulted by Egyptian police who proceeded to rape her and break her arms. In describing the horrific incident she said, “As I was being assaulted it was as if I was set on by a bunch of beasts.”

So it’s okay to call thuggish Muslims “beasts” but not “savages”? Only for liberals, who score each other with different rules.

And like many of her diverse co-religionist immigrants, Mona is unclear on the concept of free speech, and that vandalism is not a legitimate form of expression.

Coren and Spencer also discussed the increasing demands of Muslim nations for the West to criminalize blasphemy against Islam which would put our society at risk to the totalitarians in turbans.

Can we count on the current regime to defend citizens’ Constitutional guarantees? Doubtful, since elites are becoming squishy on rights we thought were solid.

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