"Conservatives" For Open Borders
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I hadn't seen this, (it was published on Tuesday—these are the "Conservatives" who wanted to pass amnesty.

Conservatives: We must band together on immigration bill | Dallas Morning News

June 5, 2007

The choice we face on immigration isn’t between the Senate bill and perfection; it’s between the Senate bill and the unacceptable status quo.

This is the most far-reaching and thoughtful reform of our immigration system in four decades and one that will significantly enhance American competitiveness. As with any political compromise, improvements can be made. But the basic framework is one that conservatives should support. Indeed, for conservatives who opposed last year’s immigration bill, this package represents a step forward.

And more sickening excuses, along with the idea that amnesty would help gain control of the borders, that the fence would really be built, et cetera.

What's fun with this kind of open letter is to go down the list of signers and make fun of them.

Oh, and Tamar Jacoby signed it, too. That's really reassuring.

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