"Conservative" Jeff Jacoby Smears Right on Immigration
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Jeff Jacoby, the Boston Globe's token conservative columnist (he's actually a neoconservative), has written another pro-immigration puff piece ("Where Conservatives Have it Wrong").  The difficulty with Jacoby is that, like most immigration supporters, he seems very poorly informed on the subject.  He never considers any of the arguments on our side most likely because he has never bothered to acquaint himself with them.  Never any mention of Brimelow or Borjas or Barbara Jordan.

Really, this sort of column is a sign that the pro-immigration neocons are losing the debate.

I have been emailing with Jeff Jacoby for years.  He is always polite and friendly (and yes, he has quoted me in the past.  So obviously, I like the guy).  But he seems to have an emotional attachment to immigration that no amount of reason can penetrate.  Ask him why he is not better informed on a subject that is clearly very important to him ([email protected]).  And please, be courteous and polite!!

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