Congressman Ted Yoho Pushing for Impeachment on Immigration
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About time somebody stated the obvious.
Rep. Ted Yoho (R-Fla.) has authored a resolution that seeks to define President Obama's executive actions on immigration as impeachable offenses.

The Yoho resolution defines impeachable "high crimes and misdemeanors" in a way that is clearly aimed at Obama's actions to unilaterally delay deportations for certain illegal immigrants.

Listed impeachable crimes in his resolution include "failing to take care that the laws be faithfully executed through signing statements or systematic policies of nonenforcement," "misusing federal agencies to advance a partisan political agenda," and "issuing executive orders or presidential memoranda that infringe upon or circumvent the constitutional powers of Congress." But Yoho insisted that his proposal isn't directly aimed at Obama.

"Let me be clear, this resolution isn’t directed at any one president and doesn't favor one party or the other. Essentially, it will put all presidents — current and future, both Democrat and Republican — on notice that Congress will finally begin holding them accountable," Yoho said in a statement this week.

[Republican wants to make Obama's actions on immigration impeachableby Cristina Marcos, The Hill, April 15, 2015]

Of course, this is simply the Constitution in action - the first branch of government taking steps to ensure the Executive enforces the laws he is sworn to uphold.  Congressman Yoho is also introducing bills to make lying to obtain an authorization for war and lying to federal judges impeachable offenses.

The problem is they already are impeachable offenses.  And to introduce bills like this is simply an admission that Congress does not have the willpower to do anything about it.  Laws and legislation are nice, but power and will trumps legislation, and President Obama has shown he is willing to utterly ignore the law in his quest to replace the American people.

The only thing that can stop him is meaningful opposition from the Republican Congress.  And while Congressman Yoho is right about the substance of what he is proposing, this is simply posturing unless it is backed up by specific action against this specific tyrannical and criminal President.

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