Congressman Steve King to lead Birthright Citizenship charge?
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One of the biggest improvements consequent to the 2010 election has been the displacement as Chairman of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration of Treason Lobby operative Rep Zoe Lofgren (NumbersUSA Career ranking F- ) by Rep Steve King (Career ranking A).

Congressman King is a man of action (as a bunch of Iowa Supreme Court Judges have just found out). And apparently he means action on Birthright Citizenship. Key GOP lawmaker wants bill ending birthright citizenshipBy Michael O'Brien — The Hill 11/05/10

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa…said that he thinks he'll be able to pass a bill out of the House to end the Constitution's birthright citizenship for U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants….

King correctly observed:

"It's not a constitutional provision. It doesn't require a constitutional amendment. We can fix it by statute," he said. "And we need to put the marker down and push this thing forward. If we can't get it past the president, then at least we will have made the case for the president, and have set the stage."

Senator Russell Feingold (NumbersUSA career ranking F-) Chairman of the opposite number Senate subcommittee on the Constitution, who had vowed never to allow hearings on the topic, was defeated for re-election. His apparently likely successor, Dianne Feinstein (Numbers USA career ranking C-) has recently carried a Numbers USA ranking of F and is likely to be as hostile to ending such a Democratic advantage.

But the only reason the 111th Congress, with its towering Democratic majorities, did not ram through Amnesty was fear of the Grassroots. And the only reason why Birthright Citizenship has suddenly burst onto the national scene was because of Senator Lindsey Graham’s still-surprising mention — a spark which found a lot of flammable material. (Graham is a member of the Senate Constitution subcommittee.)

So who knows? This is definitely an issue upon which most Democrats will not want to be on the record. Congressman King is right.

It is time.

H/T One Old Vet

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