Confessed Winchester Atrocity Killers Plead "Not Guilty"
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In late October, when the four black men eventually charged in the Winchester Atrocity (see here and here) armed robbery-torture-murder of interracial newlyweds, Marine Sgt. Jan Pawel Pietrzak and Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, and gang-rape of Mrs. Pietrzak, were questioned by Riverside County (CA) Sheriff’s investigators, according to the Sheriff’s Office, they all ”confessed” to the crime, and that is how the media reported it. (Each denied having committed certain crimes within the set that made up the atrocity, but no one denied having been present in the Pietrzaks’ home, and having voluntarily committed some of the crimes in concert with the other confessed perpetrators.)

In court in late November, however, all four defendants pleaded not guilty to all charges. And the press has retroactively changed the verb ”confessed,” to ”admitted,” which has a very different legal meaning.

Look for the defense attorneys to claim that the confessions were coerced, in order to get them thrown out as inadmissible, and thus get any evidence secured on the basis of those confessions likewise thrown out as inadmissible, as the tainted fruits of illegal searches and seizures. If the defendants’ attorneys can get the dominoes to topple, the prosecution’s case will become unwinnable, since the jury would get to hear nothing incriminating at trial.

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