Condi Rice, Augusta National, & Diversity Via Sameness
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From my Taki's Magazine column:

Augusta National is to aspirational Gentile corporate executives what Harvard is to ambitious high-school students. …. So why did Augusta National immediately add a black member in 1990 after Shoal Creek, site of that year's PGA Championship, was widely criticized when its founder let it slip that it was all-white? In contrast, why did Augusta National wait 22 more years to let in any women, even shrugging off a frenzied 2002 campaign against it by The New York Times? ... 
The contrast is striking because race discrimination was pervasive in American country clubs up through the 1990 Shoal Creek imbroglio... 
On the other hand, contrary to all the press accounts presenting Augusta National as a last relic of the Bad Old Days, all-male golf clubs have never been common in the US, and they may even now be increasing in number.  
What's the story behind all this?  

Read the whole thing there.

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