Commencement Speakers—Liberals Outnumber Conservatives A Lot MORE Than 7-1
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Actually, it's much worse than the YAF says here:

The liberal tilt of America’s top colleges and universities has gone off the charts with the ratio of liberal-to-conservative commencement speakers reaching 7-1, an all-time high, according to a new survey of graduation ceremonies at the top 100 schools.

“It was particularly awful this year,” said Ron Meyer of the Young America’s Foundation, which conducted the survey. “The ratio has never been this bad.”

According to the conservative youth group, of the top 100 universities in the latest U.S. News rankings, 71 featured liberal speakers while 10 hosted conservatives. And of the top 35 schools, only one asked a conservative to speak. Emory College, ranked 20th in the nation, had Obamacare foe Benjamin Carson give the commencement.

Sixteen Obama officials will speak, more than the total number of conservatives, and conservative journalists were shut out while 11 liberal and mainstream reporters, anchors and commentators were given the spotlight including Barbara Walters, Cokie Roberts, Katie Couric, Soledad O’Brien, Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams.

See their list here.

Commencementgate: Liberals outnumber conservatives 7-1, By Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner,

Of course, if you look at the YAF's list, you realize that many of the conservatives aren't really conservative, and I don't mean that they're not as paleoconservative as many of our friends, I mean they're not even right of center Republicans.

  • Dr. Benjamin Carson, the speaker at Emory College, is a black neurosurgeon who is, in fact, opposed to socialized medicine. His Johns Hopkins bio says he's been awarded 38 honorary doctorates, which means he spends a lot of time speaking at commencements, but they didn't invite him because he opposes socialized medicine, but because he's a black neurosurgeon.
  • Colin Powell, first black Secretary of State, and Condoleezza Rice, second black Secretary of State, are speaking at Northeastern and SMU respectively. I doubt if they were invited because of the achievements of the Bush administration in foreign policy, nor beause of their moderate Republicanism.(General Powell's Republicanism is so moderate that he endorsed Barack Obama in 2008.)
  • Two of the conservative speakers are Nathan Deal, the sitting Governor of Georgia. He's speaking at two Georgia universities.Nathan Deal is not only conservative, he's an immigration patriot. However, I I assume they would have invited a Democratic Governor to speak just as readily—Governors have a lot of influence over university budgets.
  • Four are corporate types, for example, the CEO of Intel, counted as a conservative because he's Republican donor.
  • Congressman Sam Graves, of the Sixth District of Missouri, is speaking at the University of Missouri. (Of which he is an alumnus, and which is in the Sixth District of Missouri.) I have never, personally heard of Sam Graves but, God bless him, he gets an A- rating from NumbersUSA.

And the final "conservative" on the list—Lindsey Graham! Lindsey Graham is just awful on immigration, a major player in the 2007 Amnesty attempt, and untrustworthy on the the Supreme Court Nominations,

So that would be a total of two actual conservatives (Deal and Graves) neither of whom was invited because of their conservatism.

Liberal dominance of academia is not only stronger than you imagine, it is stronger than you can imagine.

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