Colorado Paper Tired Of Diversity Tests
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After reading an article in The Chronicle For Higher Education about the recently published "test" for diversity, administered by the Education Trust, on which no school in the entire US earned an "A", I came across a great op-ed defending the University of Colorado's failing grade. The Colorado Springs Gazette writes:

We're frankly tired of the antiquated idea that diversity in its truest sense can be achieved by adhering to some demographically pure racial formulas, whether in hiring preferences, college admissions policies or anything else...Half the colleges graded received D's or worse, suggesting the exercise is designed to advance some agenda, rather than provide an accurate measure of real diversity on campus, at least as we define it.

The article does go on to make some fairly confused (but forgivable, in my view) pc noises, but makes some surprisingly enlightened observations along the way:

We're not saying race doesn’t matter, or that racial injustice doesn’t exist, in America today, just that it matters far less to average Americans than it does to activists, politicians and advocacy groups, who almost seem to have a vested interest in perpetuating racial divisions and fueling grievances.'Diversity' becoming outdated concept, Colorado Springs Gazette 11/29/06.

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