Colorado Marching After Georgia
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It would seem that the concept of equal enforcement may be contagious. Now comes the legislature of Colorado (controlled by Democrat people) - and the Governor ( a GOP person) of that state—seeking to make some campaign points by (wait for it) ...enforcing existing law.

Republican Gov. Bill Owens announced today that he will convene a special legislative session next week to consider barring non-emergency state services from illegal immigrants.

Owens said the session will begin July 6 and - unless lawmakers craft a "substantive" proposal—he would like to see a measure sent to the voters in November.

The governor's announcement came a few hours after he received a letter signed by 19 House Republicans asking him to give the public a chance to vote on any plan approved by lawmakers - in essence, a request to put something on the Nov. 7 ballot instead of settling for a change in state law.

Question to self: While most of us recognize that the organized crime of illegal immigration is a "non-partisan issue"- where were these guys last year? Answer to self: Who cares, do the right thing now. Please, somebody, anybody, send me a letter telling me that illegal immigration is only a federal concern! I love that one. Here in Georgia we have written ( "we" is Georgia state senator Chip Rogers ), pushed for, begged for, threatened about and then finally passed - and had signed into state law—legislation that says that existing federal law should be....umm...enforced. Even for the state of Georgia as an employer. How extreme. We will examine all of the finer points of equal application at length another time, along with the trials and tribulations that confront anyone who dares to suggest that the concept applies to criminal private employers and (oh the climate of fear)... illegal aliens. I know what you are thinking...even if they are from Mexico? Si. Even if they are. Colorado's Supreme court has declined to allow the people to vote on an initiative that would prohibit illegals to access non-federally mandated taxpayer subsidized services and now the Governor ( again, a GOP type) - and the Democratic controlled legislature - is up in arms. Four months before the next election. Question for the President: Does this make these state elected officials vigilantes, Mr. President? Come on in Colorado...the water is not as cold as you may have imagined. The model for the new crime-fighting activists? The Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act. (Ga SB 529) Here in Georgia, for those who haven't been following our little corner of the world, we have the strongest and most ( I love typing this) most comprehensive law addressing hiring, or being, an illegal alien in the nation. We have actually made the enabling employers a target! Including the state of an employer. ( Next: The bankers. ) We salute the brave campaigners in Colorado for their new-found courage and awareness. But we are curious: why address only part of the equation? The Colorado legislators have outlined legislation that seems pointed at only half of the problem. Illegal aliens. What about the money guys...guys? We note that none of this would be necessary if the President of the United States was not in violation of his oath of office by not securing American borders and enforcing American laws. Ahh...what freedom to not be a member of any political party. Advice to Colorado: take our Georgia law and add to it....the feds have made their position clear. Protect Colorado soonest. After all - Americans are America too.
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