Colorado Governor Supports Border Fence
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Colorado Gov. “MIA” Bill Owens (R) — who endorsed a Spanish-language Guide instructing illegal aliens how to evade detection and exploit public services in Colorado (Bill Owens’ Guide For Illegal Aliens: Cash In On Colorado ) yesterday said he supports a high tech fence at the Mexican-US border. The Governor was confused about the length of that border, guessing it was 900-miles when it’s actually 2000 miles.

(Owens backs fence to close off U.S. border By Fernando Quintero, Rocky Mountain News, October 28, 2005 ).

Owens is feeling the squeeze as two Referenda (C & D) he supports, which create blank checks for the State government when Owens refuses to answer questions regarding the costs of illegal aliens and anchor babies to Citizen-taxpayers.

Citing ignorance, Owens claims that costs are all “Federal mandates”, and nothing he can do will change that, ignoring 2003’s Colorado Title 24-72-1 (Secure and Verifiable Identity Documents), pushed by Owens and cronies which codifies provisions of the full range of services for illegal aliens claiming they have children five years or younger.

In the meantime, we await the Governor’s response to a petition some of us delivered to Owens’ office (,) demanding he declare a State of Emergency, reverse sanctuary policies (such as above: Colorado Revised Statutes, Title 24-72-1-106), designate overflow holding areas for illegals awaiting deportation (ending current catch-and-release policies) and enforcing the State Constitution’s Official English Act. Three weeks later, the Governor hasn’t bothered to respond to request for a meeting to discuss this point.

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