Coalition of Fringes' Circular Firing Squad Aims at Chris Rock
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From the NYT:

After Oscars, Hashtags Ask: Does One Minority Group Have to Fight for Another?


No sooner had the curtains closed on the 88th Academy Awards, which was punctuated by Chris Rock’s scathing but broadly praised opening monologue on racism in Hollywood, than a new battle had reached a fever pitch on social media. And it had its own hashtag: #notyourmule.

Some viewers took issue with what they saw as the narrow focus of Mr. Rock’s opening monologue, which skewered racism in Hollywood but, they said, ignored the concerns of Asian, Latino and other minority artists. Others slammed the comedian’s bit involving Asian children posing as accountants as reinforcing negative stereotypes.

On Twitter, a brawl quickly erupted, highlighting a seldom-discussed type of racial tension: Does one minority group have to fight for another?

Then came the blowback: Twitter users deployed the hashtag #notyourmule to argue against the notion that it was Mr. Rock’s duty to take up the struggles of other minority groups.

The hashtag was created by Mikki Kendall, who said it refers to a line in the novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” that talks about black women carrying the burdens of the world.

Its use on social media can be traced back to an episode in 2014, when the Hollywood blogger Perez Hilton posted on Twitter that “Inside every gay man is a fierce black woman!” Critics lashed out, calling the remark derogatory and a racial appropriation, even as he tried to defend it as a compliment to black women.

In an interview, Ms. Kendall said that when she saw the criticism aimed at Mr. Rock, she thought of the other minority celebrities who spoke at the Oscars.

“So why wasn’t this call going out to people from those communities?” she said.

But critics of the hashtag denounced the lack of inclusion of other minorities in the push for equality, calling it an example of racial selfishness.

The hashtag #OscarsSoWhite — which was started last year but surged in popularity after the all-white list of acting nominees was announced — was also dragged into the fray. Its creator, April Reign, became a target, with some accusing her campaign of also not being inclusive of other minorities besides African-Americans

A freelance writer, Jaya Sundaresh, threw yet another hashtag into the mix: #OnlyOnePercent, which was intended to highlight the lack of Asian-Americans nominated for Oscars.

Jose Antonio Vargas [the gay Filipino pseudo-Latino illegal alien] … suggested another hashtag as fodder for discussion: #JournalismSoWhite.

C’mon, people, we have to focus on our Common Enemy: the Cisgender Straight White Male. They’re all in the KKK.

Like I’ve been saying, the KKKrazy Glue that holds together the Coalition of the Fringes is a constant effort to gin up reasons, such as hate crime hoaxes, to hate Core Americans.

But, what’s the chance that this could spill over into anti-Semitism? To immigrant students at, say, UCLA, newly arrived from Boratstan, American Jews must look an awful lot like the Core Americans they are encouraged to hate.

Of course, the more perceptive Jews must be breathing a sigh of relief that they got through the #OscarsSoWhite thing with 99.99% of the hatred focused upon whites in general, with virtually nobody noticing that denunciations of Hollywood are, in effect, denunciations of Jews. Spike Lee and Marlon Brando were punished for publicly mentioning the Jewish role in Hollywood and the media a quarter of a century ago, Gregg Easterbrook and Rick Sanchez in this century, and since then practically everybody seems to have learned their lessons not to notice and to just denounce whites.

But will their luck still hold with this new #JournalismSoWhite hashtag?

And what would be next? #FederalReserveChairsSoWhite?

American Jews would be prudent to be concerned about the growing anti-Israel BDS movement on college campuses, which is typically a favorite cause among exotic immigrant students who might never have heard of what happened to Spike Lee and Marlon Brando. It’s a big deal at places like UCLA because student politics is divided up into a pro-Israel alliance funded by pugnacious Israeli millionaires and an anti-Israel side among lot of foreign and immigrant students from Muslim or other Afro-Eurasian countries, along with some Europeans.

So far, the big American domestic minorities like blacks, Mexicans, and Chinese don’t pay much attention to BDS. But it could eventually spill over into or even merge with the current domestic white-bashing represented by #OscarsSoWhite and #JournalistsSoWhite. A nightmare scenario for American Jews is domestic blacks, Latinos, and Asians eventually learning from BDS to denounce as discrimination the very high Jewish proportions found in most of the really good jobs in America.

So, American Jews, maybe it’s time to consider a little more prudence on immigration and a little less enthusiasm for white-bashing, before the BLMs and SJWs pick up an anti-Semitic edge from the BDSs? White American gentiles are just about the best friends Jews ever had, so how about using your influence in the media to tone down the current white-bashing before it evolves into Jew-bashing?

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