CNN Shooting And Race
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April 04, 2007, 05:55 PM
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I just got an email that said

I`m not usually an ambulance chaser but a couple of media stories April 3, 2007 got my attention. First, CNN shows a video of an attempted murder in CNN`s public visitation broadcasting headquarters in Atlanta. The video shows the police pointing their guns at a wounded suspect lying on the floor. The shooter is not shown except for a momentary inclusion of a raised black wrist and closed hand at the bottom of the video. Again, no mention of race by CNN commentators. `cnnatlantashootinghand.jpg`

Switch to stories on the internet by several local media outlets in New Orleans covering four murders on April 2, 2007 in New Orleans. Again, political correctness reigns supreme: no mention of race. You have to read between the lines— guys arrested with names like Terrell, and the Reverend Jesse Jackson complaining that Hurricane Katrina caused a lot of mental illness in New Orleans. Nice to know that hurricanes not only kill but they cause murders. But I thought the idea of a free press was to hang out our dirty underwear and elucidate problems. Then we can confront our problems. Nope. That is not the idea of a free press anymore. We need to put political correctness at the forefront of the effort to silence any news of the black crime epidemic.

I checked it out, and it seems that a man named Arthur Mann murdered his ex-girlfriend, Clara Riddles, who worked at a hotel attached to CNN headquarters. Both victim and murder were black.

One amazing thing about the racial reporting is that an early report put it this way

The Raw Story | At least 2 wounded in shooting at CNN Center complex At least two people have been wounded in a shooting that took place near the CNN Center complex in Atlanta, Georgia, the cable news channel is reporting.

"A witness who is a CNN employee saw a male shoot a black female twice at the Omni hotel, which is part of CNN Center," the cable channel reports.[emphasis added]

See, the victim is identified by race, but not the shooter. My word, they train those CNN employees well! Even when they`re being shot at, they know not to say who`s doing the shooting.