Class as What Kind of High School You Attend
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iSteve commenter George looks up what kind of high school Biden’s cabinet-level nominees attended:

As an alternative to race I used the type of high school they attended as a proxy for class. Whites, Asians and Jews mostly attended private school.

Yellen and Garland went to public school possibly because they were old school being born in the 40s.

Hispanic Jewishness. I noticed many Hispanics, like Guzman & AOC, are claiming a vague Jewish ancestry which I interpret to mean a vague Iberian Moorish ancestry. I noticed they do not mention a vague Muslim or North African ancestry.

Avril Haines did go to public HS, but Hunter college HS is in a class by itself in New York City, and is the most selective HS in NYC public or private. Fun fact, brown belt Judo.

Catholic CIA director Burns attended a Church of England high school.

I like that Biden chose a Vo-Tech grad for education,.

Data based on Wikipedia and web searches I added the type of HS they attended.
Public = Public High School
Prep = Preparatory
Catholic or Church of England = parochial high school

Sec of State (Antony Blinken – WHITE-JEWISH) Dalton
Sec of the Treasury (Janet Yellen – WHITE-JEWISH) Public
Sec of Defense (Lloyd Austin – BLACK) Public
Attorney General (Merrick Garland – WHITE-JEWISH) Public
Sec of the Interior (Deb Haaland – MIXED RACE (Red Indian + Norwegian)) Public
Sec of Ag (Tom Vilsack – WHITE-CATHOLIC) Secular Independent, Day & boarding, prep

Sec of Commerce (Gina Raimondo – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Italian American)) Catholic, prep
Sec of Labor (Marty Walsh – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Irish American)) Catholic, prep
Sec of HHS (Xavier Becerra – HISPANIC (Mexican American)) Public
Sec of Housing and Urban Development (Marcia Fudge – BLACK) Public
Sec of Transportation (Pete Buttigieg – WHITE-CATHOLIC) Catholic, Private

Sec of Energy (Jennifer Granholm – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Scandinavian + Irish)) Public
Sec of Education (Miguel Cardona – HISPANIC (P R)) Vocational HS
Sec of Veterans Affairs (Denis McDonough – WHITE-CATHOLIC (Irish American)) Public
Sec of Homeland Security (Alejandro Mayorkas HISPANIC-JEWISH) Beverly hills HS
Trade Representative (Katherine Tai – ASIAN (Chinese American)) Sidwell Friends
Dir of National Intelligence (Avril Haines – WHITE-JEWISH) Hunter College H.S.
Dir of the OMB (Neera Tanden – ASIAN (Indian-American)Public
Dir of the CIA (William Burns – WHITE CATHOLIC (Irish-American)) Church of England
Admin of the Environmental Protection Agency (Michael S. Regan – BLACK) ??????
Admin of the SBA (Isabel Guzman – HISPANIC-JEWISH ??????

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