Citizens Bank: The Bank That Stole Christmas
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Citizens Bank recently ordered a branch in Quincy, MA to remove a Christmas tree from their lobby. Worse, the employees paid for the tree themselves and decorated it together. [Removal of Christmas tree miffs employees at Quincy Bank, By Jack Encarnacao, Patriot Ledger, Dec 12, 2009]

My wife and I regularly patronize this particular branch and we saw the Christmas tree in person. It was a nice tree, and very unobtrusive, especially given that the bank's lobby is enormous.

One of the branch employees, Marney Hagerty, felt scrooged over enough to go on the record:

”It’s almost like things are being chipped away one by one,” she said. ”They don’t want to say ”Merry Christmas.’ It’s ”Happy Holidays.’ You can’t say that, and you can’t say this. We just want to celebrate the season, that’s all.”
Citizens Bank has an aggressive and typically inchoate ”diversity policy.”  Email their publicist Mike Jones and ask him why the celebration of diversity does not include the celebration of Christmas ([email protected]).

Also, email Jack Encarnacao of The Patriot Ledger ([email protected]) and congratulate him for writing the story.

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