Citizens Bank: The Bank That Stole Christmas
December 13, 2009, 12:58 PM
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Citizens Bank recently ordered a branch in Quincy, MA to remove a Christmas tree from their lobby. Worse, the employees paid for the tree themselves and decorated it together. [Removal of Christmas tree miffs employees at Quincy Bank, By Jack Encarnacao, Patriot Ledger, Dec 12, 2009]

My wife and I regularly patronize this particular branch and we saw the Christmas tree in person. It was a nice tree, and very unobtrusive, especially given that the bank's lobby is enormous.

One of the branch employees, Marney Hagerty, felt scrooged over enough to go on the record:

�It’s almost like things are being chipped away one by one,� she said. �They don’t want to say �Merry Christmas.’ It’s �Happy Holidays.’ You can’t say that, and you can’t say this. We just want to celebrate the season, that’s all.�
Citizens Bank has an aggressive and typically inchoate �diversity policy.�  Email their publicist Mike Jones and ask him why the celebration of diversity does not include the celebration of Christmas (

Also, email Jack Encarnacao of The Patriot Ledger ( and congratulate him for writing the story.