Citizens Arrest And Non-Citizen Day Laborers
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Can we have another cheer for diversity?

INDUSTRY, California - Officials from several area restaurants have made citizen's arrests on 27 day laborers at the Home Depot on Gale Avenue in Industry, authorities said Thursday.

Officials from businesses near the Home Depot at Gale and Fullerton Road near Rowland Heights recently complained that laborers were urinating in public and harassing customers in the parking lot. [...]

The General Manager of Frisco's Diner denied being one of the restaurants involved in the citizen's arrest, but he said people from his store have complained about day laborers.

"They are kind of an eyesore in front of our business," said General Manager Frank Millan. "I have customers that are sometimes afraid to go out to their cars because (laborers) are surrounding the area. It is bad for all businesses around here." [Citizens arrest 27 day laborers at Rowland Heights-area Home Depot]

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