Christians in Egypt Face Persecution from Muslims
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The BBC has a reputation as being a fawning panderer to Muslims, with good reason. However the video report below is quite decent with its explanation of the brutality Christians face in Egypt, where 90 percent of the population is Muslim.

It is disturbing to hear the Coptic Christian shopkeeper describe his teenaged daughter’s kidnapping. She went out with friends for a pizza and never came back. She was apparently abducted by Muslims and forced into marriage with an older Islamic man.

Naturally, her parents are heartbroken that their child was stolen, not to mention that they have no legal recourse in the matter. The police will not help them because they are Christians in a Muslim society and are therefore not full citizens; they are dhimmis, as defined by sharia law. Many Muslims regard Christian girls as somehow available for them to steal, through the generosity of Allah.

The 2000 Census noted 113,395 Egyptian-born persons residing in the United States, some of whom are Copts.

See also my article from last December, At Christmas, Christians in the Crosshairs in Allahstan.

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