Chipotle Admits Dependence On Illegal Aliens
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Chipotle representative Mike Crumpacker bragged recently that Chipotle has eschewed high technology to improve its customer service, claiming it likes a "human interaction." 

USA Today August 16, 2012 by Jefferson Graham

Chipotle Resists Tech Automation At Restaurants

DENVER – Mark Crumpacker would love to find technology that helps speed the line at Chipotle Mexican Grill, where he serves as chief marketing officer.

Like others in similar positions, he's got a wide palette of gee-whiz technologies at his disposal — tablets for ordering, mobile payment systems, in-store ATM-like machines for ordering that replace cashiers. Yet he eschews most of them. He's in no rush for tech to dramatically change the Chipotle experience at its more than 1,300 stores worldwide.

He hasn't found the perfect solution yet. And, besides, he likes the human interaction.

By "human" they mean illegal alien, though.  Chipotle's default business practice is based on cheap illegal alien labor plain and simple, much like most farmers, who oppose technological innovation in harvesting and planting crops.  It is as much as the Obama Regime Administrative Amnesty is part of Obama's War on White America.

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