Chinese Loyalist Shows the Love
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Dongfan Chung is a naturalized citizen who worked as an aerospace engineer for Rockwell and Boeing.

He was recently charged on numerous counts of espionage-related crimes. If prosecutors documents are accurate, he stole secrets for his love of country — Red China, that is.

"I don't know what I can do for the country. Having been a Chinese compatriot for over 30 years and being proud of the achievements by the people's efforts for the motherland, I am regretful for not contributing anything," Chung allegedly wrote one of his Chinese contacts after shipping the manuals.

"I would like to make an effort to contribute to the Four Modernizations of China."

The Four Modernizations was a national campaign that began in the late 1970s in China to bolster agriculture, industry, science, technology and national defense. [California engineer accused of economic espionage for China San Francisco Chronicle, Feb 11, 2008]

Chung's spy activity was discovered during an investigation into another Chinese agent, Chi Mak, an immigrant who similarly acted out of his loyalty to China.
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