Chinese Conspiracy Theorizing: Are PRISM Revelations A Chinese Operation?
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A friend writes:

Obama meets with Chinese leader. Cyber attacks by China is on the menu for discussion. Days before, Obama is hit with repeated scandals about SIGINT from leaked documents. His credibility on the topic is at its nadir right now. But it must be a coincidence, because we know things like that never happen.
And the leaker comes forward. He defects to hong kong (china?). 

Interesting. One angle to test this notion is:. Did his girlfriend go with him to Hong Kong? Is she Chinese?
None of the articles say, mention her name etc.  
For all the paranoia around what the US govt might do it is amazing that the press hasn't explored this angle (what foreign govts might do). 
This could well be the score of a lifetime for chinese intelligence.  
Perhaps that's why michelle stayed home - the US govt knew this was going on and she didn't see the need to be humiliated along with her husband.  
If the govt can't acknowledge prism, it would doubly follow they can't acknowledge the chinese operation to turn a high school dropout on the NSA team.

Having worked in Big Data almost 30 years before anybody came up with that name, my impression is that it's still not what you know, it's who you know.

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