China Takes Misogyny to Grave Extremes
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Just when you think you have seen all the third world brutality toward women you can imagine, there's this...

In China, a group of gangsters was recently arrested for killing women to sell the bodies as "ghost brides" for dead bachelors. In order to make the deceased males happy in the afterlife.

The men preyed on the superstitions of ill-educated farmers eager to ensure that a dead son was happy in the afterlife. It is not uncommon in rural parts of China for a family to seek out the body of a woman who has died to be buried alongside their son after the performance of a marriage ceremony for the deceased pair. [...]

Mr Yang chanced upon the trade in dead bodies when he paid 12,000 yuan (?800) for a mentally handicapped woman whose family hoped to marry her off for a price. The trade in women as wives is a common practice in rural China and a woman may be sold several times by intermediaries before meeting her eventual husband. [Ghost brides are murdered to give dead bachelors a wife in the afterlife, Times of London 1/26/07]

It's bizarre that such activities occur when there are not enough women for the living, since Chinese have long been busy whacking millions of unwanted female babies and fetuses — to the point where by 2020, it's estimated 30 million men of marriageable age will be unable to find a wife. Yet in parts of China, dead husbands get more deference than prospective live ones. And women are murdered to serve traditional misogynous beliefs. Again.

Incidentally, Chinese immigrants bring their disdain for women to this country, as shown by a New York Times article from 2001: Clinics' Pitch to Indian Émigrés: It's a Boy.

But Indians are not the only immigrant group to be offered sex-selection procedures so directly. Chinese immigrants in New York City can find a gender-selection clinic right in Manhattan's Chinatown, where Dr. Robert M. Nyein started offering the Ericsson sperm-separation technique as part of his gynecological practice about four years ago.

Nearly all the Chinese immigrants who come to him, said Dr. Nyein, want boys.

Chinese in China can complain that they are allowed only one child under the national policy. But Chinese immigrants to America may have as many children as they wish, so their anti-woman culture is the only reason for them to expunge females.

Chinese immigrants may be hard-working and smart, but their variety of diversity leaves much to be desired.

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